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Who is behind CASNIC...?
The Campaign to STOP the National Identity Card (CASNIC) is a protest group of concerned UK citizens. We are not affiliated to, or sponsored by any organisation, church, religion or political party. Supporters are liberty-loving people from all walks of life, all ethnic groups and all political persuasions. We are a single-issue protest group. 
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Meet The Founder
Stuart Smith was born in 1953 at an RAF hospital in Germany where his father was posted. Educated at the Weston Super Mare Grammar School for boys he attained 7 ‘O’ Levels, 3 ‘A’ levels and graduated in 1973 from Reading University with an honours degree in Electronics. After working for the BBC for several years he became a freelance writer and lecturer, publishing several successful books and courses on motivation and positive thinking. For the last decade he has written dozens of pro-privacy articles for newsletters and newspapers. He has been warning against the introduction of a compulsory ID cards throughout that period. He has given many seminars on the subject of Personal Freedom and is also the author of Privacy (currently out of print and being re-issued under the title Privacy In The UK). He lives in Reading, Berkshire. CASNIC is his brain-child.  
Statement From The Founder:
“I have searched my soul to try and work out what I should do about the government’s plans to force us all to carry biometric ID. The very last thing I want is to become a ‘campaigner’ – I would far rather spend my life doing the things I love and enjoy. But that has always been the lot of people who fight for their liberty and freedom  - they would far rather be at home, living a happy, fulfilled life. I feel certain this is true for every soldier who has ever fought that we might enjoy liberty, or every person who marched against the war in IRAQ, or every worker who marched to protect his job. Time and again it is governments (ranging from despotic to benign) which force ordinary people to march in the streets and take some action. Time and again we have to rescue our freedoms from those who would trample upon them for their own personal, political or financial ends. 
Believe me, I want to walk away from this. I know what is coming – endless media interviews with journalists saying: ‘if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear’; the blank indifference of the population at large; my opponents baying for more control, more cameras, more police and more intrusion into our lives. My telephone will be tapped, my mail intercepted and I will be labelled a ‘dangerous subversive’ on every list the government keeps on us all. For truly, as Voltaire said: ‘It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong.’ This is the sort of ‘free country’ we currently live in. 
It will be a long, uphill struggle – not against a fierce pro-ID card lobby, but against a tide of lethargy, apathy, ignorance and total indifference. It is so much easier to fight a despotic regime which routinely tortures and kidnaps people in the dead of night. You know what you are up against – you can see and quantify the enemy. But this slow, death-like creeping statism with each freedom-reducing measure not worth rioting over in itself – that’s an altogether more dangerous enemy. 
I have arrived at a time in my life when I feel I must fight for what I believe in passionately (that is basic human rights and freedoms) or forever shut up and allow the state to roll over me (very slowly) like it is rolling over us all. I am totally aghast at what has happened to this country in the short time I have been alive. Truly, I am shocked. I hope you will join me in my fight to push back the encroaching power of the state for this is truly a step too far.” 
How we are funded.
CASNIC is funded entirely by individual donations from concerned citizens. Typical donations are between £10 and £100. The founder, Stuart Smith, has donated £5,000 of his own private money to the campaign, and, needless to say, takes no salary, remuneration or benefits of any kind from the organisation. We accept no contributions from political parties, companies, churches or any other groups with or without a vested interest in our campaign. We welcome donations from private individuals and all money is used directly in our campaign (we are staffed by volunteers and pay no salaries or administration fees etc.) 
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